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1960s American Nonfiction Bestsellers - Were They Really the Swinging Sixties? - Page 3

Not according to American nonfiction from that decade. Many books on cooking, diet and exercise, and housekeeping (including one from Phyllis Diller). Comedy from Bob Hope, Johnny Carson & Peanuts. The Kennedy presidency & assassination, and the rise of Nixon. There were only a few books suggesting the sexual revolution was evolving. Contrast this with the 1970s in my companion challenge (click on the link).
To capture the flavour of the era I used first edition covers as far as possible.
The table below details the year in which the book first appeared in the Nonfiction Bestseller Top 10. I have omitted duplicates & reference books
The books by year are are:
1960: 1-10
1961: 11-18
1962: 19-26
1963: 27-34
1964: 35-43
1965: 44-53
1966: 54-60
1967: 61-67
1968: 68-74
1969: 75-83
The source is "The Chronology of American Literature: America's Literary Achievements from the Colonial Era to Modern Times"
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My Life and Prophecies (Jean Dixon)
My Life and Prophecies (Jean Dixon)
Linda Goodman's Sun Signs (Linda Goodman)
Linda Goodman's Sun Signs (Linda Goodman)
Twelve Years of Christmas (Rod McKuen)
Twelve Years of Christmas (Rod McKuen)
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