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Star Score Requirements

  • Requirements are based on the scores of all users on a list and will change over time.
  • Your score on the list will automatically be adjusted when the star requirements change.
  • Requirements for lists with 10 or more users:
    • 1 star: 1 item
    • 2 stars: top 80% of users
    • 3 stars: top 60% of users
    • 4 stars: top 40% of users
    • 5 stars: top 20% of users
  • Requirements for lists with fewer than 10 users (not enough data to use other method):
    • 1 star: 1 item
    • 2 stars: 15% of items
    • 3 stars: 30% of items
    • 4 stars: 45% of items
    • 5 stars: 60% of items

LC Score

LC score is an index measuring all of a user's activity on List Challenges. To calculate it, the following values are added up:
  • Stars Earned x 0.1
  • Items Checked x 0.01
  • Lists Used x 0.1
  • Votes x 0.01
  • Favorites x 0.01
  • To Do x 0.01
  • Published Lists Total Users x 0.001
Notice that you don't get credit just for publishing lists - people have to use your lists (the more the better). So instead of making lots of mediocre lists, make really good lists that people will find interesting and then promote them on social media.

List Score Distribution Graph

  • Where is it? - Click 'more stats' at the top of a list page.
  • What is it? - The graph shows the number of users that got each score.
  • What are the star areas? - Each star area represents 20% of users, and the minimum scores required to earn another star on the list.

Change Name, Profile Picture, Email or Password

If you are logged in, these are all available in your Account Settings.

Privacy Settings

If you are logged in, you can change your profile privacy in your Account Settings.

Get an Image From the Internet

  1. In a new tab, find the image you want to get.
  2. If using Google Images, click the thumbnail to show the larger version of the image
  3. Right-click the image.
  4. Select 'Copy image address' (Chrome) or 'Copy Image Location' (Firefox). In Internet Explorer, select 'Properties' then select and copy the 'Address (Url)'.
  5. Close the tab and paste the image URL into the text box.

Deleting Your Account

Make sure you are logged in and then go here: Delete My Account


Guests are people who use List Challenges without logging in. Their scores are kept in the database to provide a broader sample size for comparison.
You are currently a guest. You are at risk of losing your progress! Sign up now and any progress completed on this device will be transferred to your new account.
Please contact us if you have a question not answered here.
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