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added 21 days ago by Andrew
Make the lists searchable for individual items
added 21 days ago by Tomrud73
You guys should have a separate tab which includes just music lists. Music, for me at least, should be listed equally as movies, books, etc. It should not be under 'Other'. Thanks & love the site! Good time filler! Tom R.
added 20 days ago by Adam
Add a TV category separate from Movies.
added 21 days ago by MovieMan
Make it so all users can add comments, not just people with Facebook
added 21 days ago by suzy boots
Some kind of trophy or award system for when you reach a certain level of points/rankings :)
added 21 days ago by suzy boots
Possibility to sort lists chronologically as well as alphabetically would be very useful especially when making large film lists. Thanks for an awesome site guys!!
added 21 days ago by Babble-Blindly
In the search for '"X lists containing this item"' lists you have already used should be the top results in search or atleast an option for 'Used lists only' in that search. Would help when i'm marking off an item in my to-do list instead of going through all my lists to find which one has it.
added 20 days ago by Ashley
Give TV it's own category.
added 21 days ago by Andrew
Increase the number of items in a list displayed per page, having only 40 is annoying when trying to use longer lists. Either make it all on one page or allow the user to select.
added 21 days ago by Ashley
Allow previously published lists to be edited and/or added to
added 20 days ago by Chadman
When, under stats, you go to lists containing an item and click the list, it should go straight to that item. For those who like to keep lists up to date, this would be a huge time saver.
added 17 days ago by Lungan
When revisiting old lists you've done in the past it would be nice to get the items you have yet to check first in the list. That would make it far easier to complete lists, especially bigger lists. Thanks
added 18 days ago by CQSteve
Is it possible to disable checking (as watched) on films that are not to be released for (say) up to 2 years in the future? When listers claim to have seen a film that's not due for release until 2024 it skewers the list stats. Unless they can prove time travel exists, then it's cool.
added 21 days ago by suzy boots
Interaction between users, especially "friends". Possibility to leave messages and comments.
added 17 days ago by Lungan
The ability to save lists you really like and/or would like to complete as favorites, so they are easily found, would be great.
added 20 days ago by Adam
Add a Video Games category for lists.
added 18 days ago by Johnnyreed96
Hide quizzes that you're not interested in taking
added 21 days ago by Beth Dodd
Make it possible to open lists in new tabs. Like it used to be.
added 19 days ago by Ahmed Mohmed Khamees
Add Item to my list : I was thinking there will be a way to add an Item I saw in other list to my list, I think it will make things easier
added 21 days ago by Babble-Blindly
For the completionists, When searching for the stats of an item in a list, it should also display what number that item comes under in the list. (E.g. in a movie list 'Forrest Gump (1994) #35') would help when marking off an item with a lot of things in list.
added 20 days ago by Steele Shipley
Separate tag for video games.
added 21 days ago by Chadman
When creating a list, after you choose the poster from the pop out menu and add it to your list, your cursor should be back on the line ready for you to enter the name of the next item. It would save time and be much more convenient.
added 20 days ago by Adam
Update Rotten Tomatoes scores beneath movies. Older ones are often different than on RT's site and newer movies don't have them at all.
added 21 days ago by MovieMan
Put all the unpublished lists on one page WITH the option of making a list on that page like it used to be. Published lists can be on a different page and that's fine, but you know what I mean, how it used to be. List manager is somewhat obnoxious. I appreciate the effort though.
added 21 days ago by Crystal
Make it so members can add bios on their profiles.
added 19 days ago by SaddleBag
Make it so you can narrow your searches to only lists including your favorited items.
added 16 days ago by Gilroy
In the book lists, the same book may be listed three, four, five different ways, due to cover differences. It would be nice if all the same title/author books combos would be accessed when selecting book is in X lists.
added 18 days ago by Britannie Burden
It would be nice if the default was "My Unused Lists" instead of "All"
added 17 days ago by dithers
Display % of users who checked an item without having to click into 'info' tab
added 17 days ago by BananaSplit
Be able to select a search for the longer lists so that I don't have to scroll past lists with only 10 items.
added 12 days ago by A. Hakim
When I check an item, especially movies, make it a choice to actually check that item in all lists containing this item, rather than just having to go through all lists and check them. One could say, but that will add those lists to my profile which is not good, but the solution to that is as follows, when I add a list to my profile, ask me if I want to automatically check all things I checked from previous lists and show them as checked in this new list. Thanks!
added 19 days ago by Chadman
During the creation of lists, show the information button on the titles that have been added. It will allow you to see plot and also whether that version is the most common one used on lists.
added 21 days ago by Pamela Richardson Murray
Simplify the process for adding a lead picture when publishing a list.
added 21 days ago by CQSteve
Lists should be able to be upvoted and such votes go to the maker's overall tally. Eg many lists are repeats except for their titles (Marvel & DC Movie lists for example). If someone creates a list that differs and is interesting, they should be able to receive some type of recognition other than number of users.
added 20 days ago by MovieMan
Automatically show "list info"
added 12 days ago by Büşra Tekelioğlu
You should make an app off this site. It would be easier to use. And we could change display number and stuff.
added 16 days ago by Gilroy
When you search for an item, it would be nice to be able to filter that search results by list type and by used or unused lists.
added 9 days ago by sdtravels
When you mark of a "To Do" item because you completed it, it should automatically record it in the appropriate list it was selected from.
added 18 days ago by Brian Snyder
Maybe have a forum page.
added 10 days ago by filmbuff
Be able to filter searches by a single category like movies, books, music, etc.
added 21 days ago by Chadman
When adding an item to a list, you should be able to drag it to the spot you like from the pop up menu instead of it simply being added to the bottom. Ideally, both options would be available. Click to have it added to the bottom of the list, click and drag to movie it where you like. It would make it much more convenient when correcting positioning on a longer list, like if you wanted to put the Indiana Jones movies together and had to move Raiders of the Lost Ark.
added 19 days ago by linda fallows
Have used list start with the oldest first rather than the newest. Make it easier to update.
added 20 days ago by MovieMan
Put up the Rotten Tomatoes score for newer movies. Also for the original Poltergeist movie, and Mission: Impossible II.
added 21 days ago by draiden
Highlight (e.g., with an asterisk) recent score changes in leaders lists.
added 20 days ago by linda fallows
Give Manga it's own category. Shouldn't be mixed with books, they are comics, not serious reading matter. No offence to fans.
added 20 days ago by Alexandraserra
You should had check boxes to the list's print format. Also, it would be interesting to import the lists to/from Excel.
added 10 days ago by filmbuff
In your old design if I went through a list, but didn't check anything new, once I pressed show my results the list would be moved to the first page of my lists and show as recently used. Now I have to uncheck and then recheck an item for this to happen. I would like it if anytime I press "show my results" the list automatically be shown as recently used.
added 10 days ago by filmbuff
Ability to archive completed or older versions of lists, possibly to a separate tab. This way they don't continue to remain in my list tab. Preferable to deleting them so they can still be referenced and they will continue to affect ones overall score.
added 11 days ago by Nannete Paz McMahon
filtering search results by the criteria you, number of items, etc.
added 8 days ago by Whitney.reed
Bring back the blue completion button on the bottom of the screen! The new blue bar at the top is confusing because it shows how far down the list you are, not how much you have done--I would like that changed back!
added 15 days ago by LittleGirlOnPrairie
I like the idea of adding a visual world map that can pin places you've been and places you want to go. I know this is what the "to do" section is for, but I like the websites that let you see it pinned on a map. Since list challenges is a favourite site, it would be cool if it had this feature too.
added 9 days ago by sdtravels
Captions on travel lists should include more information as to where it is. Country would be good, better to include the city too.
added 15 days ago by MOVIECRAZY
I think you should do the picture images much better sizes
added 5 days ago by Onceuponacontinuum
The suggested lists under the list you're currently using should only be unused lists. Easier for continued list fun and not having to go back to the menu after every list.
added 5 days ago by Mika Bartroff
I would love to have a tab that gathers the items I have clicked on various lists so that I can refer back to it.
added 5 days ago by Onceuponacontinuum
Separate category for anime/manga.
added 2 days ago by Adam
Add a function to 'Import All' from a list in one go. This would be very useful to those of us who post periodic updates to our lists using the previous version as a base. Right now I'm having to manually click though all 1500 movies I've seen to prep my future 2000 movies seen list, for example.
added 10 days ago by filmbuff
Since the tab I go to the most frequently is my lists, I would like to be able to get there with a single click. Either from the drop down list or even as a hot button of some kind.
added 21 days ago by draiden
Automatically place all list items in alphabetical order. That will make them easier to find.
added 19 days ago by Ahmed Mohmed Khamees
Ranking list : Can we make a list that you can rank items in it
added 16 hours ago by Joe
Being able to add things to a published list even after the limit of people using the list is reached. Therefore the lists can be up to date.
added 1 hour ago by mindy
Update an item checked in all one's lists.
added 2 days ago by Shelly Ryan Leyden
Could a list, once you start using it, divide itself into 2 "tabs" — one for items left to check off, and one for items already checked off? Eventually, all items move to the checked off tab, resulting in 1 view again ... the "all done" view. Would save time on scrolling thru long lists!! Also add even more motivation. :)
added 3 days ago by RyanOliveira
Allow edits to your own "published lists"
added 2 days ago by Shelly Ryan Leyden
Enable "in list" search. I have to page thru long lists to find the item I want to check. So I put it off until I can bear the tedium. Don't you want me to use site more often?