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The Most Overrated Movies of All Time, Ranked by Definition.Org - Page 2

Hey, I'm just the messenger, but yeah, I get that at least 16 of these movies are in the Top 50 of most all time greatest film lists. The list also includes 11 Best Picture Oscar winners and 6 that are in my personal Top 20 list of faves - but this doesn't mean anything as that's their point. "Definition" thinks they're overrated, and so they'll definitely court controversy with this list. You can check out the link and see their reasoning. :)
"Before we get started with our picks for the most overrated movies ever made, let's set one thing straight here: We absolutely do not hate all of these movies; in fact, many of them are quite good. Some are even classics that we recommend you watch! All we're saying is that all of the movies on this list don't quite live up to the ridiculously tall pedestal that society has placed them on, so don't get too mad at us. Now let's get into it. Do you agree with our picks?" -
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Top Gun (1986)
Top Gun (1986)
Inception (2010)
Inception (2010)
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